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Have a heart for Georgie


Sep 15



Georgie’s calling. Is anyone home?

Baby Georgie is a beautiful one-and-a-half year-old girl with several heart conditions including ASD and pulmonary atresia. Upon her arrival at Shepherd’s Field this year, she was immediately taken to Huaxin Hospital in Beijing where she endured two open heart surgeries with 4 weeks of post op care in the ICU racking up a huge medical bill. 

Shepherd’s Field is a foster home caring for special-needs orphans in Tianjin, China. But, one side of Shepherd’s Field many don’t see is the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent every year on surgeries and hospital bills to help give our children a healthy life. Many times, these procedures and surgeries are the reason why these children are alive today. 

Georgie in the ICU

Georgie in the ICU

A Heart for Georgie is a campaign to raise money to cover Georgie’s medical bills. Our aim is to raise $30,468 USD (Y195,000RMB) to help Shepherd’s Field give Georgie a fighting chance. Twenty years from now, imagine Georgie at 21, sitting here, fighting for other children’s lives. Currently, she can’t advocate for herself, but we can. 

To help Georgie, we need you to do three things:
We’ll do our best to keep you updated on her progress. 

We need your help so that Georgie can grow up and have a healthy life, and she can have a chance at meeting her forever family. There is no donation that is too small. Anything that you can give will be a help to this special girl.

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  1. Marie & Kinsey Marine

    We’re praying for you Georgie! You are in loving, capable hands, and God’s hand is greatest of all!

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