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Dec 15


IMG_9218Last fall our therapy team formed a relationship with a pediatric therapy center in Beijing, called LIH Olivia’s Place. This partnership was formed to better provide our kids with the therapy services they need and to help them succeed and attain positive therapeutic progress, and to train our Chinese therapy staff on the variety of treatments we provide and why.

Several Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists from Olivia’s Place have donated their time, knowledge and resources in providing assessments, evaluations, and recommendations to our kids. Thus far, a total of 9 kids enrolled in the Shepherd’s Field Therapy program have received services from the staff at Olivia’s Place and our hope is that more will be seen in the future.

IMG_8888As of late, our therapy program and staff has partnered with LIH Olivia’s Place for an 8 week program that is providing weekly assessments and re-evaluations to 4 of our kids: Richard, Charissa, Robert and Simeon. Each session, the kids are re-evaluated to see the progress that has been made from week-to-week and given new activities to help achieve their therapy goals. In the 4 weeks that our team has been attending sessions, all of the children have made significant improvements in mobility, range of motion, fine motor skills and personal independence. Both our staff and the staff at Olivia’s Place are very pleased with each child’s individual progress and look forward to their future gains.

IMG_8620As a whole, we at Shepherd’s Field are very thrilled with this partnership and it’s benefits to our kids and staff. We are deeply grateful to our friends at LIH Olivia’s Place for their time, skills, and willingness to help our kids achieve their highest potential therapeutically. In addition to our gratefulness we are very excited for the wonderful things to come.

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