Shepherd's Field Children's Village

Fall Celebration!


Nov 16


Last week was a busy one here at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village! On Monday we finished out Octoberhalloween-group with our annual Fall Party. Everyone dressed up, and gathered in the Outreach Center for a fun time. The kids played games, then sat down to eat some delicious snacks and candy. Everyone, from the kids, to the staff, volunteers and guests had a great time.


south-africaRight before the party we welcomed our first ever team from South Africa, who came to stay with us for a few days. On Tuesday they helped us a great deal by moving a massive amount of supplies from one building to another, as well as assembling some new desks and chairs for our school house.




Also on Tuesday we welcomed a group of executives from Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC) who came to build a grape arbor around our greenhouse. HSBC helped to build our greenhouse and have been involved with it for the past few years. We appreciate their taking time out of their busy schedules to do something to help our kids, and we’re looking forward to eating the fruits of their labor.

vineyard-2 vineyard

Wednesday was the first music class with the school children. The kids are using painted water jugs turned upside down until we can purchase real drums. The kids had a great time banging out rhythms, and making noise. Because of some of their disabilities we will have to make adjustments to some of the drumsimg_0750-2, but we’re very excited about this new program, and to see the benefits that therapeutic drumming can have with our kids. We just started a campaign to raise money to buy real hand drums for all the kids. Drumming is great fun and therapeutic all at the same time.


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