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Charissa Gets A New Set Of Wheels!


Jan 17


wechat_1483517432Over the last several years our Therapy team has been working diligently with Charissa on helping her achieve her therapeutic goals and develop and attain a higher level of physical independence in her activities of daily living skills. It’s widely known that Charissa is a very independent, beautiful, loving, and devoted 11-year old girl. She strives to be the best in all that she does, including her friendships, school work and therapy.
In early 2016, our team was approached by several sponsors with the idea of giving Charissa a power wheelchair to assist and promote her physical independence skills. We loved this idea and together along with our partners from LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing and Shanghai, Sunny Speed Mobility in Beijing, and several sponsors, we got to work on making this project a reality. In early November, this dream came true. Charissa was fitted and gifted with her very own power wheelchair! Initially, she was shy and a bit hesitant in using her new wheels; however, after a bit of training in proper positioning, steering, mechanics, and function she is now beginning to get the hang of her new chair and loving the world of independence that has now been opened to her.


Not only does this chair bring a bit of physical freedom, but it also is ray of hope for the future. Over the last 7 years that Charissa has lived here at SFCV, she has touched hundreds, if not thousands of lives with her loving heart and joyous spirit. She loves people and has a spunky and playful personality; she’s a leader in her class at school and at home amongst her housemates. Charissa’s heart desperately longs for those special people she can call “Mama” and “Baba”. Like most 11-year olds, she loves having her nails painted, coloring/ drawing, doing puzzles, playing Barbie’s, building with Lego’s, and creating with clay, but the one thing she’d love the most is a forever family. We’re so grateful for all hard work, dedication and love that our partners and sponsors have shown towards Charissa and this mobility project.



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