Shepherd's Field Children's Village

Sid’s Special Birthday Party


Jun 17


Sid celebrated his 13th birthday on June 1st, which also happened to be Children’s Day! Sid had his own performance with Zai, our therapy dog, which was an absolute hit for our guests. Because he already had an audience, we kept Sid up on stage so 300 voices could sing him Happy Birthday, some in English and some in Chinese. The smile on his face said it all!



Sid is one of the friendliest and most gentle kids we’ve ever had here at SFCV. Though he doesn’t communicate verbally, he welcomes everyone with a smile and a wave. In school, Sid loves to draw, and for fun, tag is his favorite game. He can play tag for hours. If you tap him on the shoulder and make a move to chase him, he’ll run away from you laughing. And even if you catch him, he’ll just keep running and have you chase him down over and over again.