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About Our Children's Villages

Our children's villages are an oasis of hope and love for the children who come into our care on their journey from rejection and despair to hope and love.

They are home to more than one hundred special needs orphans from approximately fifteen different orphanages scattered throughout China. China is working hard at improving the plight of orphans, but as a developing country with millions of orphans, the problem is simply too large. By partnering with us, they are ensuring the best care for their frailest children; apart from our intervention, many of these children would not survive. Often, orphanages will send us special needs children for whom they are ill-equipped to care, but we find children abandoned at our village gates, too. Regardless of how they arrive, our hope is that by loving and caring for them, we will help prepare them for a future family.

Our children's homes are designed to model a normal family environment, de-emphasizing the institutional feel often associated with traditional orphanages. Every child lives in a freestanding home with their own yard to play in. With a ratio of one nanny to two or three children, our children are able to form attachments and receive the care and attention that nurtures healthy physical and emotional well-being. Through our children's village concept, we've found that our children have a smoother adjustment and transition into their adoptive families compared to those children who come from traditional orphanages.

More than twenty children, ages two to five years old, attend Little Lambs Preschool Monday through Friday where they are instructed by our three Chinese teachers, head teacher Wang Keyi Laoshi and assistants Zhang Laoshi and Wang Laoshi. Children have group and individual playtime; memorize Chinese poems; practice learning numbers (in Chinese and English); create art projects; and learn Chinese and English songs. Visiting speech therapists, art teachers, and English teachers conduct classes in the second floor classrooms.

As a grass roots non-profit charity, we need your support to transform the lives of China's special-needs orphans by contributing to meet their daily needs. Daily, we see how the generosity of our partners has changed and is changing the lives of our kids. We can't do it alone. Please join us by making a donation . We need your support! The Philip Hayden Foundation is a team of volunteers from around the world who left their careers to help China's orphaned children. All of our team members raise their own support and our offices in the USA and China are donated ensuring that our administrative overhead is RAZOR THIN.

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