Shepherd's Field Children's Village

Sponsorship FAQ

How many sponsors does each child have?

Each child needs at least 25 sponsors at US$35 a month to cover the cost of their care.

How is my $35 a month spent?

All funds go to the daily care of our children. This includes food, clothing, basic medical needs, and housing expenses. We also utilize over 120 paid Chinese staff for the care of the children and operation of the children’s villages. This includes nannies, maintenance men, drivers, cooks, gate guards, accountants, orphanage liaisons, and a nurse. All of our foreign staff raises their own support.


How long does sponsorship last?

You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time. Nearly all of our children are adopted and many continue their sponsorship until the child is adopted.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! Children desire love, care and attention. Come visit us. The experience will change your life forever.

Will you keep me updated on my sponsored child?

Yes. We will send you quarterly updates via email with new photos and updated information on your sponsored child’s medical needs, development, and daily activities. If there is no email address available, we will send you this information via regular mail.

What language does my sponsored child speak and read?

All of our children learn to speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese; this is their primary language. While attending preschool, they do learn some basic English.

Is my sponsored child available for adoption?

Many of our children are available for adoption through regular means of adoption from China. China does not allow pre-selection of children. If you are interested in adoption from China, we recommend these adoption agencies:

For more, information contact us.

Can I send packages and cards to my sponsored child?

Yes! We feel it is important for the children to feel special and loved. Please address all mail or packages to the China address on the back of this brochure. Be sure to include your child’s English and Chinese name on the outside of the package. Please limit your gifts to two per year.

Can I send extra money so that a gift can be purchased for my sponsored child?

Since donations go to the U.S. office, it is complicated to designate funds for such specific use in China. If extra funds are sent, we will use them for special gifts for your sponsored child, but we prefer you put a package together yourself.

If I want to send a gift, what should I send?

You may send anything you feel is appropriate for the age of the child. Typical gifts include clothing, shoes, toys, candy, stuffed animals, and blankets. If you would like to know your sponsored child’s height and weight for purchasing clothes, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.